Uusikuu World Music Concert

Submitted by Justice in Motion on February 13, 2024 - 15:11

Venue, Timing and Cost

Old Fire Station
Saturday, 24 February 2024
1.30pm - 3pm
Standard: £14 | Pay more: £16 | Pay less: £12
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Uusikuu (New Moon) bow admiringly to the traditional Nordic dance music of the 1930s to 1960s. The band calls their style “Vintage Sounds of Finland”. The small orchestra tours Europe, and together they show that Finns not only invented tango, but also master the wild Humpaa, that they love the dreamy waltzes as much as the sophisticated swing. World music elements, jazz influences and Laura Ryhӓnen’s sometimes cheeky, sometimes ironic stories make the evening a roller coaster ride of emotions.

‘Wonderful and mysterious. Like a soundtrack to an Aki Kaurismäki film.’ -Folker

‘Finnisch tango fire with passion and humour.’ –General-Anzeiger Bonn

‘The passionate world of old Finnish dance music.’ -BBC Radio

‘Like a live gramophone on a glorious midsummer eve.’ -WDR Radio

Uusikuu and Justice in Motion collaborated in 2017, inspired by the centenary of Finland’s independence, to create “KAIHO // the state in between”. Contemporary music and live vintage tango music combined beautifully to explore boundaries and tell poignant stories about moving across borders. The original line-up that appeared in KAIHO will be performing.

Laura Ryhänen, vocals

Mikko Kuisma, violin & vocals

Norbert Bremes, accordion

Jari Matti Riiheläinen, bass

Uusikuu won the German Rock & Pop Award 2023: Best World Music Album for ‘Karuselli’

This concert is part of Justice in Motion’s Anniversary Exhibition in the Galleries from 20th February – 30th March. ‘10 Years in Motion’ features the ten productions created by the company in the last decade. Props, costumes, sections of theatre set, photographs, videos, music and soundscapes bring their history to life. Come behind the scenes to explore the objects, the environments and space with all your senses.

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Old Fire Station
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