Arts development

OxOnArts is provided by the Arts Officers from all the local authorities in Oxfordshire. Here you’ll find information on local projects, national best practice and useful information to support the arts in the county, focused on our priority themes of health and wellbeing, public art and sector development.

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Arts & Health in Oxfordshire Essential Links & Resources

Submitted by ox-admin on April 30, 2019 - 11:33

If you’re interested in the difference the arts can make to health and wellbeing there are some key resources and networks we’d recommend. Take a look at our ‘essentials’ guide for some quick links to best practice, research and more.

This guide isn’t exhaustive and will not be regularly updated; you’ll see many of the organisations linked to below already provide a thorough, current bank of information and our intention here is to make sure everyone has access to the key players. However if you spot a major omission or error please let us know!

Public art guide

Submitted by ox-admin on April 30, 2019 - 11:31

Each local authority has a Public Art policy that is adopted through the planning process (previously referred to as Percent for Art). Planning departments throughout the county encourage developers to commission artworks and projects as part of any commercial, private or public development. Criteria will depend on the size of development, location and local authority area. Please refer to each area’s Local Plan or Supplementary Planning Documents for further details and definitions.