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Venue, Timing and Cost

Tiddy Hall, Ascott -u- Wychwood.
Saturday, 16 March 2024
7.30 pm (doors 6.45pm)
Tickets £20 in advance £22 on the door

Ray Jackson: Rich, warm vocals, blues harmonica that'll make you weep and mandolin that'll take you on a trip to way back when.
Ric Sanders: Sizzling electric violin, improvisations to delight and excite.
Tom Leary: Electric violin, mandolin and lap steel that'll put Wolf in your soul and mud in your blood.
Vo Fletcher: Guitar & vocals that glue the band together and impel then rhythmically and emotionally onwards and upwards.

Ray and Tom are from the North-East; they’ve known each other for donkeys. Ric and Vo are from Birmingham; they’ve known each other longer than that. Ric and Tommy live quite close; Ray and Vo don’t. It was obvious they’d end up playing together.

Amongst the interpretations of traditional material taken from their combined experience, SilverBlues play some of the earlier Lindisfarne favourites alongside some of the newer ones which feature Ray’s astonishing blues harmonica. Some early Fairport numbers have been given a new lease of life as have newer Fairport tunes composed by Ric.

No recordings of the lineup exist yet. SilverBlues have resisted rushing into the studio just to fulfil the usual commercial demands. But with this band’s obvious pedigree you can be sure it will have been well worth the wait when they do decide to record.

Meanwhile, every gig is different. These guys aren’t bound by any convention - Fairport or otherwise. Improvisation, inspiration and excitement abound at every show.

Meet Me On The Corner

Lady Eleanor

Train In G Major

Fog On The Tyne

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Wychwood Folk and Acoustic Club
Tiddy Hall, Shipton Road, Ascott -u- Wychwood, Oxon, OX7 6AG
Tickets available from:
01993 831427


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