Mohand & Peter

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Old Fire Station
Saturday, 17 February 2024
Standard: £14.50 | Pay more: £16.50 | Pay less: £12.50

A celebration of refugees’ home countries & friendship across cultures.

“You know Peter, when I close my eyes I can see my country. I can see my village. I can see my people…”

Mohand and Peter bounce on one of the toughest international news of the decade and as two brave clowns, they fight horror with laughter and build a magnificent pedestal for Sudan, Mohand’s home country.

★★★★★ “Tonight I laughed, I learned, I travelled.” – Centre Stage Reviews

Director’ note

“Every day for the past 5 years since we created ‘Borderline’, I witnessed how much my cast miss their homes. I saw pictures of beautiful lakes, mountains, and ancient buildings; Videos of family gatherings, birthdays, and silly cats. I Facetimed brothers, sisters, but also nieces and nephews. Those kids that we spoil at weekends but that the people I work with have never held in their arms because they are not allowed to go back. Not for a wedding, not for a funeral, never. Their country is not just a war zone or a Talibans’ nest, it’s their homes. With Mohand & Peter, we aim to celebrate them.”
– Sophie Bertrand Besse (director)

“Mohand & Peter changes the conversation about refugees and migration in unexpected, moving and hilarious ways. It is the perfect show for Britain, and the world, right now. ”
– Tom Green, Counterpoints Arts

★★★★ “A genial, family friendly two-hander that acknowledges the profound sense of yearning that refugees so often feel for the families and homes they’ve left behind.” – The Stage

★★★★★ “Magical and magnificent show. Charming, funny and clever.” – The Star Sheffield

★★★★ “Glorious celebration of Sudan, and the magic of friendship across cultures.” – Everything Theatre

★★★★ “Hugely enjoyable and funny master-class of physical theatre. A delight from start to finish.” – Theatre-News

★★★★ “Funny, consistently entertaining. Beguiling performers.” – ReviewsGate

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