1, 2 Punch

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Old Fire Station
Sunday, 15 October 2023
Standard: £13 | Pay more: £15 | Pay less: £11

1, 2 Punch is a hard-hitting double bill exploring love, regret and men’s mental health through pieces I Can See Us and Ta/To/Me. From Birmingham based choreographer and composer, Daniel Lukehurst is the founder of dance company Various Creations, making work that is highly physical, emotive, and presenting ideas in a grounded, personal way.

I Can See Us
A piece that explores the definition of loving another. Shown through a relationship in 3 chapters: The Beginning, The End, and Looking Back. I Can See Us weaves movement, spoken word, and a bespoke soundtrack as we follow a relationship through tender beginnings, to the heartache & anguish of the inevitable, to a place of reflection and ultimately: love. Expected duration: 20mins

The story of a man in trouble, as told from his perspective. As his world changes, we follow as he maintains a grip on the forces in his life, even if it means dealing with a stark reality. As he faces the world open before him, he must make a choice whether to move on or to remain looking back. Exploring men’s metal health and the emotional toll it can take on the psyche. Expected duration: 60mins

About Daniel Lukehurst
Daniel Lukehurst is a Birmingham based choreographer, composer, and performer who is the founder of dance company Various Creations. As a choreographer, he makes work that is highly physical and thoughtful, presenting ideas in a grounded, personal way. Lukehurst’s work has been performed across the UK and he has worked with dancers across Europe as both a choreographer
and rehearsal director.

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