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Venue, Timing and Cost

Fusion Arts Window Galleries, Friars Entry. Oxford
Tuesday, 12 September 2023 to Monday, 2 October 2023
Open 24hrs
Uprooted sculpture by Ellie Thompson

"Uprooted" Exhibition Showcases the Enigmatic Soft Sculptures of Emerging Artist Ellie Thompson at Fusion Arts' #WindowGalleries

Fusion Arts is delighted to present "Uprooted," an extraordinary exhibition featuring the captivating soft sculptures of recent Ruskin Graduate, Ellie Thompson. “Uprooted” will be on display at the Fusion Arts #WindowGalleries in Oxford City Centre from September 11th to October 2nd, 2023. The Fusion Arts #WindowGalleries are located at Friars Entry, Oxford, OX1 2BZ.

Ellie Thompson, a rising star in the world of contemporary art, has garnered acclaim for her soft sculptural installations, which have graced galleries and public spaces across the UK, including Bath, London, Bristol, Oxford, and Rugby. "Uprooted" marks her latest exploration of the intersection between art, nature, and human emotion.

Thompson draws inspiration from the complex human emotion known as schadenfreude, defined as the satisfaction or pleasure derived from another's misfortune. This intriguing concept profoundly influences her artistic practice, and she finds joy in how her pop-up installations often displace and disorient the characters she creates.

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