Migration & Memories: the journey of Ho Mah Soon

Submitted by fusionarts on August 25, 2023 - 09:41

Venue, Timing and Cost

Fusion Arts Window Galleries, Friars Entry. Oxford
Friday, 1 September 2023 to Saturday, 30 September 2023
Open 24hrs

Migration & Memories | An archival exhibition: Ho Mah Soon with poems by Jennifer Wong

Fusion Arts is thrilled to announce the upcoming exhibition titled "Migration & Memories," an Asian diasporic journey into the life and lens of Ho Mah Soon, a local resident whose legacy is set to be celebrated through an extraordinary posthumous showcase. In collaboration with writer Jennifer Wong, who provides a poetic perspective to the work on show. The exhibition will run throughout East and South East Asian Heritage Month this September. https://www.eseaheritagemonth.co.uk/

Ho, a Singaporean native and a ‘British Subject’ at the time, embarked on a transformative voyage in 1960, leaving behind his roots to forge new routes in the UK. His journey unfolded through studies & work in London before he established his life in Oxfordshire in 1970. Mah Soon Ho ran his Veterinary Practice in Headington, East Oxford, for over three decades.

However, "Migration & Memories" transcends the chapters of Ho's life that are well-known within the local community. This exhibition artfully unveils a lesser-known facet of his identity: his role as an amateur photographer whose lens captured both the essence of his experiences and the spirit of his times.

"Migration & Memories" seamlessly intertwined evocative images and original 1960s artefacts, offering viewers a glimpse through Ho's perceptive eye. Among them, the suitcase he carried held memories in the form of photographs & writing, stuffed in a biscuit tin. The exhibition showcases Ho's hand processed prints created in the college darkroom. Images of mountain climbing in Snowdonia, and his future wife captured in dozens of moments. His photos encapsulated adventures, discoveries, and love, inviting us to witness his journey in an unfamiliar land.

A distinctive and poignant element of the exhibition is the poetic response from Jennifer Wong https://jenniferwong.co.uk/, a migrant writer from Hong Kong. Her words provide a lyrical interpretation to the historical, cultural, and visual narratives, offering viewers a dual and diasporic perspective that bridges the past with the present. Wong's poems breathe life into the narrative, inviting visitors to reflect on their own cultural heritage and journeys.

"Migration & Memories" is curated by Feng Ho, daughter of Mah Soon Ho, and Marketing Manager at Fusion Arts Oxford.

Join us this September as we celebrate East and South East Asian Heritage Month by exploring "Migration & Memories." The exhibition invites visitors to not only reflect on facets of a remarkable life journey but also to recognize the richness of East and South East Asian heritage as an integral part of our shared human experience.

Migration & Memories will be on display in the #WindowGalleries along Friars Entry in Oxford, OX1 2BZ throughout September 2023, free and available to visit at any time. The #WindowGalleries are an innovative collaboration between community organisation Fusion Arts and The Randolph Hotel by Graduate Hotels that connects and supports Oxford’s communities by creating a lively space for the public to experience inspiring work by local artists.

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