Windrush Day Memorial Lecture featuring Prof. Robert Beckford!

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Pitt Rivers Museum South Parks Road Oxford OX1 3PP
Thursday, 22 June 2023

Prof. Beckford will shed light on the crucial topic of reparations for the survivors of the British Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Despite the abolition of slavery, the enslaved Africans were left uncompensated, while plantation owners received £20 million by the British government. Today, the impact of enslavement, racism, and discrimination persists, and it's time for Britain to acknowledge its responsibility.

Learn more about Prof. Robert Beckford, whose groundbreaking work explores the intersection of religion, culture, and politics in the Black British experience. His latest book, "Decolonising Gospel Music Through Praxis: Handsworth Revolutions," delves into the transformation of gospel music production in Britain.

➡️ Mark your calendars and be part of the conversation. Together, let's pave the way for reparations and create a more just and inclusive future ✊

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Venue address: Pitt Rivers Museum South Parks Road Oxford OX1 3PP.
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