The Fundamental Importance of Nature | Emily Powell

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Sarah Wiseman Gallery
Saturday, 10 June 2023 to Saturday, 1 July 2023
Open Tuesday - Saturday, 10:00am - 17:30am
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In this exhilarating new solo exhibition, Emily Powell will present a new collection of works inspired by nature and her recent animal narrative work.
Emily says 'Nature is a place to reset. It's the place you're meant to be, it's there for you whatever your emotions. There are so many good shapes and shades to record. It's the sort of good that lights up your whole being and looks after you.'

Emily Powell is one of the UK’s most exciting young artistic talents. Her body of work illustrates nostalgia and freewill. She brightly captures hometown coastal views in Devon, motherhood, still life & nature in her own light – from parrots in the shower, tigers in the sky, seagulls with a political agenda, flamboyant floral arrangements, boats at sea in battleship form. Her imagination is endless, her curiosity infectious, freely exploring paintings, drawings, collages, sculptures, digital art, stop motion animations and more. The lively diversity behind Emily’s work is rightfully admired. Her fluorescent colour palette and fearless technique showcases liberty in the way she creates and exhibits. No surface, medium or space is impractical to her. By removing traditional boundaries in her work, Emily is proving herself to be a breath of fresh air to the art world.

Sarah Wiseman Gallery is preparing a digital catalogue, where you can preview all available works and read texts about the artist. Please email us at and you will receive a link.

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