Cowley Road Carnival

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Cowley Road
Sunday, 9 July 2023
Cowley road carnival back on the road 9 July 2023

Finally Celebrating Cowley Road Carnival in 2023!

After three long years, the Cowley Road Carnival team are thrilled to announce Carnival is back on the road so get ready to party on Sunday 9th July 2023. Theme: “Our Nature Our Future”

Along with the Board, internationally renowned Carnival expert Pax Nindi is behind making sure that this uniquely colourful and vibrant community event will be back on the streets. Now Acting Carnival Chairperson Pax says: “The Carnival was forced to take a break during the COVID pandemic. It is an irreplaceable highlight in the calendar for so many people here in Oxford city and beyond. We are currently on a fundraising exercise and seeking sponsorship which we need to achieve.”

2023 plans include the iconic Cowley Road procession, Eco Floats, Street Parties and House Floats introduced in 2021 (first of their kind). There will also be workshops for individuals and community groups to make their own Carnival costumes and the opportunity to take part in the procession.
Zaheer Qureshi who has been a Board member for many years commented: “Since its inception, working with its stakeholders, this Carnival has always been a key catalyst for building bridges between community, schools, youth services, cultural and disability groups.”

Board member Sarah Connor added “To locals, the 3-year absence left a social, celebratory and creative hole in Oxford which we can’t wait to fill next year.”

Get Involved
The management is encouraging those interested to get involved in various ways e.g. perform, run a stall, volunteer, assist in social media, join the Board or become a sponsor. Our website features a form for interested Oxford residents interested in taking part in the Carnival to fill in to register your interest to be part of 2023 Carnival.


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