Mugenkyo Japanese Drumming

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New Theatre Oxford
Sunday, 26 June 2022
19:00 - 21:00
From £16.40

Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers are the UK's longest established taiko ensemble, and Europe's only professional touring company of this thrilling & energetic performing art. With over 1,000 performances across the UK, Japan & Europe over the last decade, Mugenkyo have established a solid reputation for their gritty passionate style, setting themselves firmly at the forefront of Taiko drumming on this continent through their rigorous touring.

"Mugenkyo perform Taiko with manifest skill and awesome relentless energy. Having learned the ancient drumming techniques from Japanese master Kurumaya [Mugenkyo] showcases its musical presentation in totally modern style, making the esoteric thoroughly pop. Splendidly exploiting the theatrical potential of their intenesely forceful drumming and mesmeric heat of the rhythm, they leap from drum to drum, dance around them with mini cymbals and handbells, and strike vivid gestures with choreographed force... Mugenkyo sustains its appeal right to the climax, winning thunderous applause." - The Stage

"The members of Mugenkyo, Europe's only professional Taiko drumming group, perform with what seems an unlikely combination of reckless abandon and metronome-like precision. Armed with wooden sticks, they whack their drums - which range from small, bowl-sized instruments to others the size of boulders - in a combination of synchronised movements reminiscent of tai chi. But there is nothing tai chi-like about the sound: a heady, relentless and rigid beat over which complex counter-rhythms are steadily added. From a soft pitter-pattering evocative of a slight rainfall to a thundering, eardrum-bursting shudder loud enough to wake the gods, these musicans display a remarkable control, with not a beat out of place anywhere." - The Scotsman

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24 - 26 New Theatre, George Street, Oxford
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