Caroline's Bitten Lines

Last edited by Oxford Printmakers on 11 June 2022

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SJE Cloister Gallery, StJohn the Evangelist Church
Friday, 10 June 2022 to Thursday, 23 June 2022
12-6 daily and some evenings when concerts are on

Commemorative work by the artist Caroline Maas: 1942-2020.

"Caroline Maas was an entire tour de force in her own very vivid and unique way.

She had been a member of Oxford Printmakers for about twenty five years, having come to Oxford via initial days spent at Richmond Printmakers.

Her printmaking in its heyday consisted of making massive steel etchings, incorporating multiple plates of the larger variety, requiring the largest acid trays available for creating the work.
Her plates featured semi abstract and or very energetic vibrant landscapes with dynamic marks.
She had a knack for capturing the mood of more extreme elements,making the onlooker feel the lashing rain and howling wind.

She did not edition her work in a conventional way, but frequently would print many variants and re-workings using the same plates, and often incorporating chine-collé, and various assembled over-printings, if it felt like the right thing to do.
Her house, when I visited it, was crammed full of work in every room.

She was also a member of Oxford Art Society."

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