Itadakimasu (Thank you for the meal)

Submitted by ArtsatOFS on October 9, 2020 - 11:31

Venue, Timing and Cost

Old Fire Station Shop
Wednesday, 14 October 2020 to Saturday, 14 November 2020

A show focused on imagery of different types of food, painted on unique surfaces. Tayo Jones’s unique collection of painted juice cartons showcases all the food he has eaten over the years, including pizza, ice-cream, oranges, bananas, and eggs. The exhibition will also include three 2-D paintings of Jalapeno chilli peppers on wood, as an example of Tayo’s early work. The purpose of the exhibition is to explore the use of used items and exploring new ways to use them as an alternative to simply recycle them, as well as our relationship with food.

Other recurring food Tayo has painted include bananas, cheeseburgers and recently cheesecakes. As his art practice evolved, Tayo decided to use alternative surfaces and started to paint on Juice cartons and milk bottles. The reason he chose the cartons and bottles was because they tied into his love of food and his art practice and it was a good way to recycle items and use them in new and unique ways, giving them new purpose instead of throwing them away.

Tayo believes that anything can be made into art, even soft drinks packaging, cups and pens. There is no limit to art. You just need the imagination, the right materials and the ambition to reach your goals.

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