Grace Notes Online Singing

Submitted by emformusic on May 22, 2020 - 19:57

Venue, Timing and Cost

Online via Zoom
Thursday, 28 May 2020 to Thursday, 27 August 2020
8pm -9pm

Whilst singing face to face is not possible Grace Notes are not daunted! We are meeting online for regular weekly meetings via Zoom and welcome new singers. You don't need any experience or do an audition and we're not making a performance video for Youtube right now.
What we are doing is enjoying an eclectic mix of beautiful songs from around the world in acapella harmony along with contemporary compositions expressly for female voices .
Now is the time to find your voice without any worry about what other people might think.

I have tried to create as much of a sense of singing together in harmony as I can, using recorded tracks made especially for the choir. Zoom has limitations for singing simultaneously because there is a delay beween everyone's internet connections but these tracks, along with my voice , which you will hear clearly, will allow you to hear the harmony parts in a song and gain a sense of achievement and connection with others.

You will need to download Zoom onto your computer, tablet or phone then go to this link: . Download “Zoom Client for Meetings”.
It is best to use a computer but a tablet or phone is OK.
It's also good to try and lift your screen up from desk height so you are looking straight ahead and not down when singing. It's also good to stand at some point during the session.Headphone swill also gibve you a better quality of sound but they are not essential .

Further Information

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Contact me to join and I'll send the link you need to participate in the Zoom meeting.
or visit my website: