First Imprints

Submitted by Oxford Printmakers on August 17, 2019 - 06:50

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Oxford Printmakers, Tyndale Road, Oxford OX4 1JL
Wednesday, 14 August 2019 to Saturday, 2 November 2019
Mondays 4-7.30, Tuesdays 10.30-6, Saturdays 11-4.30

On July 12th 2019 a major exhibition started at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History entitled “First Animals”.
Rare fossils around 500 million years old or more, have been loaned from as far away as China and Greenland, and together they chart the development of life.
Many of these fossils are mere impressions on the rock surface of strange soft bodied creatures and the task of bringing these precious creatures to life visually has fallen to twenty two Oxford Printmakers.

This companion exhibition at Oxford Printmakers shows more of the the work by members, and the place in which they were made.

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tel 01865 726472 during open times
Sats 11-5
Mons 4-8
Tues 10.30-6.30

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