Creative use of a darkroom

Submitted by John Blythe on July 25, 2019 - 11:09

Venue, Timing and Cost

Fusion Arts (Behind East Oxford Community Centre)
Sunday, 4 August 2019
10am - 4pm

The Cameraless Photography Workshop! Try out Cyanotype, Chemigram and Photogram techniques all in one day. No experience necessary, all materials supplied. This workshop will introduce you to the wonderful world of experimental alternative photography. Open Pandora’s box of experimental photographic practice!

Cyanotype - one of the earliest photographic processes, used to make the first photographically illustrated book. We will make our own Cyanotype chemistry, coat different materials and expose images using the sun as our light source.

Chemigrams - an alternative photography technique using photographic paper to develop images through contact and resist techniques.

Photograms - a cameraless image making process effectively capturing the shadow of objects. Working in the darkroom we will playfully find ideal exposure settings and explore a range of materials to create imaginative images.

Max. participants: 6
1 day workshop starting 10AM ending 4PM.
Costs: £75 (including materials, coffee/tea and snacks).

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Fusion Arts
44B Princes Street,
Oxford, OX4 1DD

01865 245735

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