Oblivity – Live!

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Old Fire Station
Tuesday, 17 September 2019
7.30 pm
Standard: £12 | Pay more: £14 | Pay less: £10

Commander Falconer is missing the war.

Launched in April 2019, Oblivity is a critically-acclaimed comedy sci-fi podcast with thousands of listeners to date. Following a sell-out live show earlier this year, the team are returning to perform two more episodes from season one in the spirit of traditional radio theatre. No prior knowledge is needed, and newcomers are welcome!

On the remote ice plans of Pluto, decorated war hero Falconer faces her toughest mission yet: to oversee a small, dysfunctional research team. In episodes 3 and 4, romance is in the air when a plucky adventurer drops in, and a visit to another base reignites longstanding rivalries. Join us for cryovolcanoes, board game scheming, and waterslide experiments.

Featuring familiar faces – and voices – from across Oxford’s own theatre scene, Oblivity is perfect for fans of Red Dwarf and Cabin Pressure.

Listen to Oblivity at www.oblivitypodcast.com and on your favourite podcast app.

“What becomes apparent very quickly is just how smart this show is and also, fundamentally, how kind. Also it’s very funny… Oblivity is a fiercely good show. The cast are all top notch, the scripts crackle with absurdity, humor and action and the show has a unique energy that’s just deeply, profoundly likable.” – The Full Lid

“Raucous and touching.” – AV Club

“These characters and their dynamic is dysfunctional, but endearing, especially as they pull no punches in digging into who they are and who they can become. But they do all that with some very classic, hysterical, sarcastic and tongue-in-cheek humor.” – Audio Dramatic

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