Modern Artists Gallery Winter Exhibition 2019

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Saturday, 9 February 2019 to Thursday, 28 February 2019
12noon -4 pm

Alice Cescatti grew up in New Zealand. From an early age she became fascinated with wide open spaces, dramatic landscapes and the light of the South Pacific - in particular the way it plays and interacts with its landscape conveying an impressive stillness. Alice is particularly interested in sea and cloud formations and weather patterns.
Using water gilding in her paintings on wooden panels which is very rarely seen. She has found this to be the best form of expression. More complex than oil gilding, it is built up over many layers of gesso and clay to give depth and diversity, blending precious metals with water gilding and painting, producing differing plays of light at different times of day, the effect gives an ethereal beauty to her work.
Scale is used as a context for describing her big landscapes and seascapes
It is not to show nature as bigger or overwhelming but more to convey that we all coexist in wholeness whatever the scale.
Alice Cescatti will be visiting the Modern Artists Gallery on Saturday 9th February 2019 from 12noon - 4pm. She will be discussing her work and the process of gilding.
Please phone first before setting out - or check the hours page on gallery website. We look forward to seeing you.

Image: Alice Cescatti Underwater Bloom acid etched silver leaf panel 100x100cm

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