Britten: Flower Songs and Haydn: St Nicholas Mass

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Venue, Timing and Cost

St Mary's Church, Church Road, Wheatley OX33 1LZ
Saturday, 20 May 2017
£10 or £8 in advance
Wheatley Singers

Where have all the flowers gone?

St Mary’s, that’s where. At least, that’s where they’ll be on the evening of Saturday May 20th.

Remember that glorious stab of delight when you first see bulbs poking through the wintry earth? Wouldn’t it be nice to get that feeling back again, this far into Spring?

Well, with the help of poets from across the centuries, that’s exactly the mood which the Wheatley Singers will be endeavouring to invoke in their Spring Concert.

One of the nation’s favourites, Benjamin Britten, has taken floral-themed writings by 17th century Robert Herrick, 18th century George Crabbe and the wonderful 19th century John Clare, and has woven his own magic - resulting in a delightful collection of songs, guaranteed to delight and evoke happy thoughts of nature at its innocent finest. You’ll feel you’re amongst Herrick’s “Daffodils”, you’ll revel in the Suffolk-inspired “Marsh Flowers” of Crabbe and you’ll feel the balm of John Clare’s “Evening Primrose” washing over you and soothing you. Then you’ll be rudely awakened by the saucy “Ballad of Green Broom” (sensibly anonymous!) with all its double entendres!

Blooming Spring!!

You’ll also be treated to our wonderful soloists showcasing some of their favourite Spring-like songs. And, to round off the evening, there’ll be a rousing rendition of one of Haydn’s most glorious and uplifting works: his “St. Nicholas Mass”, with its energy, tunefulness and infectious joy.

We do hope to see you there - unless, of course, you suffer from hay fever…

Further Information

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Tickets £10 (£8 in advance) available from choir members, Wheatley Library or on the door.
All proceeds in aid of ROSY