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Venue, Timing and Cost

Arts at the Old Fire Station, Oxford
Tuesday, 27 September 2016
Playground September poster

Playground is an artist-led open platform which encourages development and presentation of new work while introducing a space for meeting up, networking and collaboration for artists and makers in Oxford and its surroundings.

We organise bi-monthly events, taking place at the Old Fire Station, Oxford on the 4th Tuesday of January, March, May, September and November.

Oxford, while oozing with charm and history and knowledge, finds it hard to provide to the emerging practitioners a space where they can get to meet their peers, make mistakes, find collaborators, experiment in front of the public and in front of  other artists and receive constructive feedback as a response to their work.

Playground aims to facilitate a context within which artists can feel safe to experiment, to play around, to explore their potential, to “try things out” and open up their communication paths with other practitioners in the area in an attempt to create a vibrant creative hub in the city.

So you have something in the works? Trying to get a new project off the ground? You want to share with us something you sort of know? Looking for collaborations, someone to help you, or some feedback to your work? Come and join us!

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