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We rent rooms for private instrumental tuition at extremely competitive rates and hold Associated Board music examinations and Yamaha Music Foundation examinations usually around twice a year. Our pianos are tuned regularly, our facilities are of a very high standard and the hall is available for our teachers to hold student concerts.

If you are a fine pianist who loves working with children, you could become a Yamaha Music School teacher. It is not essential to have prior teacher training or experience before you apply. Yamaha Music Schools UK provides high quality training for the teaching method together with group teaching techniques - in fact, we are not aware that such high level group teacher training is currently available outside Yamaha.

We run KS2 and KS3 Visual Arts Courses and welcome interest from additional art teachers.

Rates vary - please contact us
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Matrix Arts Centre

After considerable effort and dedication we are fortunate to own our beautiful, purpose-built building, helping to secure our future music, art and dance activities. Early on, we gained charitable status, emphasising our ethos of not only a quality arts education, but also a supportive and caring teaching environment and community. We have a great team of teachers, administrators and trustees - dedicated and passionate in their respective roles - and we continue to develop what we offer to do the best we can for each student.

It is our wish that creative education, presented in a friendly and approachable way, should underpin all our children’s courses. Our biggest offering and one key to our success - our Yamaha Music School - is a fantastic example of this.


15-17 The Nursery
Sutton Courtenay
OX14 4UA

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