Would you like to exhibit at the West Ox Arts Gallery in Bampton ?

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Wednesday, 24 July, 2024
West Ox Arts Gallery Bampton OX18 2JH

West Ox Arts Gallery in Bampton is excited to confirm three proposed exhibitions to run over the next few months; the first of those is the 'Texture' Exhibition, scheduled to run from 23 March through to 20 April. We are looking for exhibits that focus on textural qualities, whether that be textiles, mosaics, collage, thickly applied impasto paint techniques, ceramics, wood turning, or sculpture using papier-mache, to name but a few. Contact us if you would like more information: gallery@westoxarts.com, We would be very interested to hear from you if you think your work would fit in with this theme.

Our second exhibition in the pipeline is the 'Ceramics' show which is scheduled from 24 August through to the 21 September. If you specialise in ceramics in any form and would like to get involved please do get in touch.

Our third opportunity is for the 'Flora & Fauna' show which is scheduled from 28 September through to the 26 October. We are very interested to hear from artists that portray the natural world in any medium, again if you would like to get involved please do get in touch.

For each of the exhibitions we have already had interest from members of the West Ox Arts association. We would like ideally to have a minimum group of 8 artists for each of the exhibitions. The fee with that number of exhibitors to exhibit at the gallery would be £100 per person for the 4 week period.
Please note commission is charged on sales but at a very competitive rate compared to other galleries in the area. Do get in touch to find out more details.

If this is something you would like to participate in, please do contact us as soon as possible and we will send you further information. The exhibitions will be supported with the usual PR campaign with all details listed on local events platforms, social media coverage, flyer and poster campaigns. Please be advised that as well as inviting exhibitors to sit at the gallery, staff and gallery volunteers will also be available to do so.

There will be an opening reception on the first day of each of the exhibitions for friends, family and colleagues.

Please email us at the gallery if you have any questions and we will be very happy to discuss any details with you.

Very best wishes,
The Exhibition Team.

A little about us.......WOA is a charity dedicated to promoting art in West Oxfordshire.

WOA is home to the oldest gallery in Oxfordshire, last year we celebrated our 50th anniversary. We are committed to strengthening our place as a hub for local creatives and continuing our long history of promoting the talents of an amazing number of artists from Oxfordshire and beyond. We welcome hearing from anyone with ideas about making art more accessible in the local area as well as opportunities for WOA to collaborate with other organisations or groups.

Alongside the gallery, the exhibition space houses a gallery shop selling smaller items including jewellery, textiles and art cards handmade or printed from work produced by WOA artists. These smaller pieces make excellent gifts. The shop is another way WOA supports the local artist community in sharing their creative works.

If you are interested in becoming a member, volunteering, running art workshops, or exhibiting at the gallery, get in touch: gallery@westoxarts.com.

Find us on Facebook and Instagram @westoxarts, or drop in and say hi

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