Drama Tutor Wanted

Submitted by GoboTheatre on September 20, 2021 - 12:58
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Saturday, 30 October, 2021

The role is for a drama teacher for youth theatre on Saturday mornings in Harwell Village, South Oxfordshire.

We run a youth theatre with 3 groups - Minis (6-9), Midis (10-12) & Maxis (13-21), who do a combination of acting, dance, singing & stagecraft (making props, costumes, set). We work towards a full-scale production.

This job is to teach just the Minis group (and occasionally the Midis), who mostly focus on confidence building, creativity honing and improving focus – it would entail arriving at the venue to set up, teaching the students using acting games, vocal exercises and physical techniques. You will be supported by a Musical Director and Choreographer for some sessions and they will teach songs and dances but you will be expected to rehearse these with the students. You would be responsible for your own lesson planning, in coordination with the youth theatre leader. At this age, a whole range of techniques need to be used to engage with the youngest ones - they might not all be able to read yet, or concentrate well, others are thirsty for more, it can be a complicated dynamic, so experience of this age group would be desirable. Once the show starts to develop, the role becomes a sort-of assistant director one as well. At the moment, thorough cleaning of the venue has to take place after the session too.

Should lockdown occur, you will need to continue to be available as we take all our teaching online (the students are used to this from last year). You will need your own computer and space to be able to continue teaching on Saturday mornings.

Tutors need to be DBS checked (we can provide this if not already in place) and various training elements, including safeguarding are required as part of the role. There are also occasional meetings outside the Saturday hours but these are organised based on tutor availability.

The fee is £25/hr for direct teaching time, £12.50/hr for cleaning time. The role is to start in October.

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