Do you need a studio? Potential spaces available in August. Complete our feasibility study/application form now to make it happen.

Submitted by adumbrationarts on June 20, 2019 - 10:51
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Thursday, 8 August, 2019
potential new artists studios Oxfordshire

We need your input: One to prove demand, and secondly to create spaces appropriate to your requirements. Email to register your interest, and we will send you our feasibility study/application form.

Adumbration Arts are trying to improve creativity, connectivity and collaboration in the county by sourcing much needed professional and affordable studio space, to improve the working lives of artists that live here and their potential to thrive and reach and enrich the lives of the wider public. We will be working with various partners in this endeavour, and very soon will have actual spaces to offer, so complete our form as soon as possible. We are currently looking at a site which could be ready as soon as August.

When a site/sites have been confirmed our criteria for obtaining a space may be as follows.

For practising artist/makers who are developing work of a professional standard and aiming to exhibit or share work regularly.
The artist/maker would commit to the studios for a minimum period of time and pay rent on time.
The artist/maker would willingly and in a capacity best suited to them, aid in the development and running of the studio and its events.
The artist/maker would willingly participate with studio activities, events and exhibitions which engage with the local and wider community.
The artist/maker would make good use of and care for the space provided.

The costs of the studios are currently being calculated. This is a not for profit venture and our aim is to make it as affordable as financially feasible to do so, and could have spaces available from £120-£300 per month, with both private and shared occupancy options.

Multi Artform
Crafts and Applied Arts
Film and Animation
New Media
Outdoor Arts
Visual Arts
Written and Spoken Word
Commissions - practising artist
Community Arts
Education (adult learning)
Education (young people and schools)
Families and early years
Health and wellbeing
Networking and sector events
Professional development