Landmark public art commission for Cherwell District Council

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Wednesday, 31 January, 2018

Artist Design Brief

Public Art Project Location: South of Overthorpe Road, Banbury Central, M40.
Developer: DB Symmetry

General description of the project: The money contributed through S106 funding is held by DB Symmetry working with the Cherwell District Council Arts development team to create either a single artwork or series of artworks for the new development for completion by December 2018.

The commission:
The new industrial development at Banbury Central M40 will benefit from a landmark piece of public art which can be viewed from both carriageways of the adjacent M40.

The site, which is currently under construction, will be enhanced by this piece of public art, which is intended to encourage the occupiers of the development and public to appreciate the surrounding landscape.

We are therefore seeking a skilled and experienced public artist who has experience in producing external work to undertake this commission.

Details of the design commission:
The chosen artist will be commissioned in two parts. The first phase will be for design and the second will be for the construction and installation of the art work to the agreed design.

The aims of the commission:

• Create a piece of work that draws on Banbury and its environs for inspiration. While ideas behind the piece may be from the historical background of the area, equal consideration will be given to designs that reflect the town’s increasing importance as a centre for modern engineering excellence. The finished work should be a powerful contemporary landmark for Banbury and the surrounding area.

• The work should be durable, easy to maintain and of a high quality, suitable to what will be a busy commercial space. The commission would suit artists with experience of working to a large scale.

• The work needs to enhance the personality and identity of the development and be significant enough to be visible by users of both sides of the adjacent M40 while not being a distraction to motorists.

• The work needs to provide a useful focal point for occupants and visitors of the site.

• Proposals submitted at the design phase will need demonstrate resistance to all weather conditions. Maintenance required should be kept to a minimum and a clear guide to what maintenance will be required (and likely costs) should be submitted at this phase.

• The materials must also be fit for purpose and not cause hazardous conditions for users of the site.

• Consideration should be given to the choice of materials which should complement the buildings in the development as well as the more natural landscape to the south and west of the site.

Description of the artist’s role:

Artists are required to express an interest in the project at this stage by submitting information as detailed below. Our chosen artist(s) will be then be asked to research and propose a series of designs for the consideration of the Developer, the Arts Manager at Cherwell District Council and the other partners on the project including the Developers and the Town Council. During the initial research phase of the project the chosen artist(s) will also be required to consult and liaise with local groups that may have an interest in the commission. Once completed the artist will be expected to contribute to the unveiling of the piece and attendant publicity via traditional and social media.

Phase one – design.
Artists designs agreed by DB Symmetry Ltd & Cherwell District Council

Phase two - construction.
Artists fees

Launch/ unveiling
£500 (to be retained by Cherwell District Council)

Total £50,000

The Commissioner:

The artwork will be commissioned by Cherwell District Council in association with DB Symmetry Ltd.

Appointment procedure: If you would like to be considered for this commission please send the following to Dominic Weston Smith (contact details as below)

• A CV
• At least 5 images of your work/ previous projects
• An artist’s statement and an ‘expression of interest’ in this project detailing the appeal of this commission to you (no more than one side of A4).
• Your full contact details
• Response to above time scale and budget
• Details of two references you would be happy for us to get in touch with.

Deadline submission date: 31st January 2018

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Visual Arts
Commissions - practising artist