Photographer in Residence

Submitted by Abigail Brown on May 22, 2017 - 10:49
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Closing Date: 
Monday, 5 June, 2017

We would like to commission an artist lead photography project to promote Cornerstone Arts Centre, local people’s creativity and the wonderful town of Didcot. We are seeking a photographer to run a portrait and documentary project based on the creative and artistic activity in Didcot, representing various art forms, scenes, creative activity and community life in a stylised and artistically captivating collection of work.

We are looking for a photographer to propose a creative way of working with us and produce approximately 40 images of the arts and creative activity (from a range of ages and backgrounds) representing the breadth of art forms, and locations in Didcot and surrounding area.

Images produced will be used in a creative and imaginative way in printed and online marketing.

Our chosen photographer will …
• Run engaging and creative community based photography workshops as part of Cornerstone outreach programme
• Create an artistic and stylish body of work to promote the arts and Cornerstones creative ‘offer’
• Arrange photo shoots
• Collate the catalogue of work
• Supply images digitally to the Cornerstone marketing team am (Images can be black and white or colour and will be need to be of a high enough resolution to be reproduced as an A00 poster size).

Creative conversations will be held throughout the project to help define the brief and could also include ways of incorporating text and further references to or within the final artwork (although this is not an essential requirement).

Please forward your Expression of Interest to by Monday 5th JUNE 2017 . Expressions of Interest should include the following detail;

• At least 6 images of previous work and projects
• An artists statement about you and your work
• A short paragraph of why this commission appeals to you and how you might deliver this project
• An indication of your ability to deliver this project within the suggested budget and timescale.

A fee of up to £5000 is available for the project (depending on number of images that can be delivered). This will include all artist’s fees, studio time, travel expenses and administration costs.

The project will commence early July 2017, and images need to be supplied and ready for publication and exhibition in early October 2017.

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