Procession and Venue Production (Freelance)

Submitted by buzzworks on February 13, 2017 - 13:33
Salary / Fee: 
£4 000, paid in monthly installments of £800
Closing Date: 
Sunday, 26 February, 2017

Freelance Procession and Venue Production fo the Cowley Road Carnival on 2 July 2017

Strategic Responsibilities of the post

• To lead on maintaining existing partnerships and positive relationships with all partner performance venues.
• To support and engage with venue programming in all pubs, bars and Community centres by fostering positive and meaningful relationships with all venue managers and owners in and around Cowley Road. This will feed in to a programming spreadsheet that will underpin creation of official event programmes.
• To deliver a number of awareness raising events in partnership with said venues pre Carnival.
• To support mentoring, stewarding, professional development and monitoring of all associates, volunteers and trainees and support funded outreach projects as appropriate.
• To work in partnership with Artistic Producer to achieve a branded and consistent vision to the event.
• To firmly establish the procession as a strong creative piece in its own right by raising expectations, aspirations and procession content (artistic), feel and look.
• To attract, organise, monitor and programme procession content/ participants before during and post event. As Producer of this part of Carnival it is imperative that you take control of the artistic feel and message of the procession in accordance with the Carnival 2017 theme which is Industry and Technology. Some work in this regard has already been done and will be discussed during handover.

Programming Responsibilities

• Curate, live music and other performances in partnership with all partner venues, pubs, bars and community centers in and around Cowley Road.
• Mentor and work with Associate Producers/ volunteers as appropriate.
• Make the most of resources available and develop potential for further resources for this and future events, through earned income, funding and in-kind support. Monitor all support and in kind contributions from all venues and partners.
• Collaborate effectively with the Event Manager and other CRW freelance staff to meet deadlines for submission of documents to the Safety Advisory Group and City Council

Procession Responsibilities

• Produce the Carnival procession, with a view to upping the artistic excellence, instilling a visible theme and creative contribution from ALL participants.
• Encourage inclusivity of diverse groups and touring factions of other processions where possible.
• Liaise with Artistic Producer, Oxford Extra Arts, Oxford Brookes, Fusion Arts, Pegasus Theatre to prepare for and contribute to celebration/ launch event for all participants and teachers to include twilight training sessions around structures, Movement and theme.
• Outreach to and contact with a diverse range of community groups, bands etc, to encourage and support participation in the procession and enhanced artistic excellence within the procession – Be aware of opportunities to attract touring content from other carnivals in to our own.
• Oversee planning and management of the procession, including line-up, choreography, meeting, launch and disbanding of the procession at the event – Use Procession Production assistant to help organise this process.
• Consult with disability groups as appropriate regarding access and participation in the procession – Liaise with Exec Director and Unlimited Oxfordshire.
• Work closely with other event producers and the Event Manager to create a cohesive and vibrant event.
• Liaise with the Volunteer Coordinator regarding training, briefing and supervision of procession stewards, Procession Assistants, and other volunteers involved in production and zone management
• Advise procession participants regarding disposal/recycling of procession materials and ensure all procession materials are removed by participants
• Plan end of procession logistics – Liaise with wrap up bands ( e.g Horns of plenty) and stalls coordinator to make sure procession dispersal and Content showcasing can happen smoothly.

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To apply:
please send a letter of application with your CV and details of 2 referees to:
For a full job description see the website and to appply please contact
Executive Director, Cowley Road Works at

Deadline for applications is Sunday 26th Feb 2017
Interviews likely to be Thursday 2nd March (to be confirmed with successful applicants)

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