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River & Rowing Museum, Henley on Thames
John Piper Gallery, River & Rowing Museum
John Piper, stained glass, River & Rowing Museum
International Rowing Gallery, River & Rowing Museum

The River & Rowing Museum is one of the U.K’s leading independent museums.

Situated in picturesque Henley on Thames, and housed in an award-winning building on the banks of the river, the museum explores the River Thames, the international sport of rowing and the town of Henley. The galleries include interactive displays as well as internationally-significant collections, including the family-friendly ‘Wind in the Willows’ gallery and a permanent display of the work of artist John Piper.

In addition, the Museum hosts a lively programme of temporary and visiting exhibitions, working with partners such as the National Portrait Gallery, the V&A and the Hayward Gallery in London. Working closely with organisations in our area, the Museum has recently opened a Community Gallery which showcases a wide variety of local projects. Twice shortlisted for Family Friendly Museum of the Year, the Museum is a registered educational charity, and welcomes over 114,000 visitors per year, including 20,000 children and adults who taking part in our fun and inspiring learning and events programme.

The Museum has delightful café with a terrace overlooking Mill Meadows, and a shop specialising in children’s books and games, fashion and craft.

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Tel: 01491 415600
Website: rrm.co.uk
Email: museum@rrm.co.uk

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