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Exhibition in Oxford Town Hall gallery during Artweeks
"Wanda", creative photography by Dariusz Klimczak at Poseytude Gallery
Exhibition in Oxford Town Hall gallery during Artweeks

Poseytude Gallery (www.poseytude.com), based in Thame Oxfordshire, UK is the online art gallery with a high street approach and a focus on young and emerging artists on the rise. We take time to know the artist, their capabilities, passions and individual strengths before bringing them on board and their artworks tell a story. We know and love every artwork in the gallery and would have it in our home if we could house all of it. We have a range of original and contemporary art paintings, drawings, photography and limited edition prints by these upcoming artsists available to view and buy online. Fortunately for you we do not have the capacity, so you can view online and buy these stunning works of art to enjoy in your home or office. With a perfect blend of original paintings, photography, drawing and limited edition art prints, there is something for all personal tastes, including abstract, surreal, figurative, landscapes, seascapes, city and urban, portraiture and much more.

We understand that art is often a personal buying experience and you may wish to see the artwork "in the flesh" and meet the gallery owner and / or the artist. Therefore, in addition to our online gallery presence, we now also provide physical locations and exhibitions to view the artworks and occasionally have artist series launches where you will be able to meet the artist in person. See the Gallery Exhibitions section (http://www.poseytude.com/Art-Exhibitions...) for more information about dates and locations.

After decades of international marketing, travelling, visiting countless galleries and exhibitions, Karolina and James, formed Poseytude Gallery in 2012 to accomplish a dream of working with what we love. Having our own art collection, we have explored the various ways of identifying and acquiring beautiful art which included online searches. Dissatisfied with what we saw, we formed our own enterprise to share what we love about art and give everyone the opportunity to buy beautiful, original art online that can be enjoyed for decades and passed down generations. We bring our combined decades of international marketing experience to making buying art online simple to provide quality art works that are an investment as well as a joy.

Our principles are “Positive Art Attitude” and we seek to fulfil this by bringing joy and luck to all involved; the owners, lovers of art, the artists and chosen charities. The brand name, the logo (incorporating a four leaf clover), the strap line and the colouring have all been chosen to reflect these values too.

We select artists that have pieces and artistic design qualities that reflect our values and mission. Our artists bring qualities and design flair that look beautiful in any home or premise and that have an investment value. We value the quality of the production of the art works and spend time to ensure the pieces match the value of the investment by the purchaser.