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I am a performer, Singer, Actress, Writer, Dancer, teacher. I have often several projects on the go at once. At the moment the ones boiling on the stove are:

1. Firebird, a duet with Liz Cowdrey; Between us we perform and atmospheric, romantic fusion of Latin, Gypsy and Classical music on Voice, Violin, Guitar, Viola, Recorders and probably more to come thanks to Liz's talents. Our music is suitable for intimate venues, in particular beautiful restaurants and caffees where people DO listen to the music even if they have a glass of wine or a lovely meal in front of them, small theatres and any space that invites the listeners to dream, relax and feel all mellow and soft inside. However we can and do use amplification if necessary for larger venues. Our next gig is April the 3rd at the beautiful Vaults and Garden, University Church of St Mary's,Radcliffe Square, High Street, Oxford OX1 4AH, as part of the Oxfringe Festival. Tickets from WeGotTickets and if there are any left, at the door. See website hopefully by the end of this week:

2. Malena or Magdalena. A new version of my Tangotheatre play Malena, La Amante Olvidada (the Forgotten Lover) which was a sold out performance both at The Pegasus Theatre in Oxford 2006 and at The Mill Arts Centre in Banbury 2008. The 2009 version is a collaboration with Cherwell Theatre Company and it will be performed in the spring this year. Malena is about yearning, endurance, acceptance, and redemption through love and will. Date tba. See website Be patient if it doesn't work at first. My host disappeared and I'm trying to re-connect.

3. The Thermodynamics of Love, my first novel in English, an intricate web of love and physics, passion and thought, should be out and about one way or another by the end of this year. Are we Determined by our past? Or should we Determine our present and Future? How much power is there inside our conscious and even uncoscious minds? How much is the power of our Love?

4. Currently teaching at The Mill Arts Centre 3 Singing classes/choirs: Singing for the Terrified, Songthreads I and Songthreads II. Also a Tango fortnightly class. More information from

5. To come next autum, The Eco-Musical, again at The Mill (my second home!)

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