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OYAP Trust works with young people to create a brighter future for our communities. We exist to enable young people to reach their potential. With OYAP young people engage in positive life enhancing creative activities as a route to learning and self-development. We use creativity as a tool for young people to explore and demonstrate their own talents and abilities for the benefit of themselves and others. We specialise in working with the most vulnerable and hard to reach 11-25 year olds.

Projects like Pimp My Bike, Stepping Up and Pop Choir increase confidence, life skills, leadership and self-esteem. Young people receive recognition for their creativity through performance, exhibitions and the Arts Award qualification. We help young people use their creativity as a catalyst for change in their own lives and in their communities. We have an established track record of working with Looked After Children, young people with learning disabilities and young offenders. We reach out to and support young people who are suffering from multiple disadvantage be it isolation due to income, geography or a lack of educational opportunity or family support.

Oxfordshire Youth Arts Partnership began in 1998 as the development agency for youth arts in Oxfordshire. The organisation grew from a local authority funded post focusing on the development of youth arts to an independent charity in 2005. OYAP Trust is considered a key strategic sector leader, and champion of youth arts in the South East. OYAP Trust is the Training and Support Agency in the South East for the Arts Award, and representative for the South East on the English National Youth Arts Network’s (ENYAN) national steering group.

in 2018 OYAP Trust restored a derelict victorian School bulding in Bicester into a community and youth art venue, called Studi02, with artists' studios, a theatre space, rehearsal rooms, a music and recording studio and a radio station.

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former St Edburg's School,
Cemetery Road
OX26 6BB

T/F: 01869 602560
E: admin@oyap.ork.uk

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