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Notfamousyet is a new gallery and art consultancy based in Oxford specializing in the work of emerging young artists. We know that there are many private and business art lovers and investors who are interested in buying art from young talents whose art is fresh, new and inspirational.
From a multitude of graduate shows at art colleges in Europe we are selecting those works – paintings, sculptures, design pieces – that impressed us most, and that we think is unique, of high quality, and will stand its place in time.
Those artists might not be big names yet, but it is the work that counts, the quality and what it means to you, and who knows... some day they just might become famous.

**How we operate**
For private buyers we shall introduce the different artists in regular special events in Oxford, providing an alternative to the London contemporary art scene. At these events we shall concentrate on a small, select number of artists, and give them the opportunity to present their range of work to a group of interested buyers. The events will take place in different locations in and around Oxford.

For businesses who want to invest in new emerging art we also offer art consultancy. This can range from selecting works from young artists for the office that will support the image of the company, as well as employee involvement and educational programmes focused on ort or using art as a tool for organizational change.

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19 Barnet Street
Oxford OX4 3AN

Phone: 01865 247901
Mobile: 07867900746

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