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Mp Fine Art Printing

Mp Fine Art Printing offer the highest quality fine art pigment, giclee, & photographic prints using the finest archival papers by Mp Fine Art, St Cuthbert's Mill, Awagami, Fotospeed & Hahnemuhle. We only use the finest digital media and Canon LUCIA EX 12-colour pigment inks to produce archival quality prints for artists, photographers, galleries and museums.

All of our papers are acid free including our very own range of papers. Our range includes two handmade papers. Handmade Cotton 250 gsm is handmade using 100% recycled cotton. This paper is hand sized and hand coated by ourselves and offers a soft, dream like quality that cannot be matched. Natural deckle edges and a beautiful warm natural white combine to create this most unique paper. Handmade Cotton 200 is a bright white acid free paper made from 100% recycled cotton. Just like the heavier 250 gsm, this paper has natural deckled edges and has been hand coated by oursleves. We are the only fine art printers in the country to offer these papers. The paper is produced in a village community, in India, that uses bio-mass generators to power the mill, recycled water from their own well and strictly no chemicals, chlorine or bleach are used in the production.

Our range has been enhanced with the addition of Somerset Velvet 255 gsm from the St Cuthbert's Mill. This is one of the few remaining paper manufacturers within the UK. This paper is made in Somerset as a traditional printmaking paper which is then ehanced to accept pigment inks.

To complement our papers we offer papers from the Awagami Factory in Japan. We are able to supply any of the incredibe range of papers from the Awagami Factory. We feel we offer the most unigue range of papers within the UK.

Original artworks reproduced with pin sharp resolution and unrivalled colour reproduction. Capture every brushstroke and every pencil mark as you intended. Our entire workflow is fully ICC colour managed to ensure accurate consistent colour reproduction at every stage.

Choose from a range of mounting and framing options using archival quality materials. We are able to supply the full range of Artglass by Groglass. This range includes AR70 the most popular Anti Reflective glass with a 70% UV protection. This is truly an invisible glass.

Our office is powered by 100% Renewable Energy which is currently a solar and wind mix. All of the lights in the office have been replaced with LED tubes and bulbs. We supplement the renewable energy by using portable solar panels to charge our phones and other mobile devices.

Our website is 100% Green Hosted, runs via renewable energy and is 100% Carbon Neutral. We plant trees to offset the electricity used in running our website. You can check our Carbon Neutral status at

Digital Fine Art Reproduction - Original artworks reproduced
Photographic Film Negative & Transparency Scanning - Combine the best of analogue and digital photography from 35 mm - 10x8 inch
Archival Fine Art Prints - We have our own range of acid free and archival papers
Photographic Prints - Digital prints using pigment inks
Accurate Consistent Colour Reproduction - Full ICC Colour Management
Archival Picture Framing - Acid free materials and archival techniques
Colour Proofing - Ensuring accurate colour reproduction for prints and publications

Submission Portfolios
Full End Of Year Exhibition Service
Exhibition Printing
Graduation Shows
Up to 25% Student Discount Available

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The Old Ticket Office
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Culham Station
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01865 408197

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