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The aim at Mannequin is very simple: innovative PR support for artists, creative projects and businesses. We aim to know your business first, develop a PR approach that works for you, and then build your profile in all forms of media. This involves creating the right kind of 'on message' PR strategy, writing and researching press releases, building longer feature ideas and working on wider case studies where appropriate. This creative approach led to Mannequin being shortlisted for a leading PR award in 2012 for the 'innovative PR campaign' category.

Mannequin has also worked on bespoke PR campaigns for visual artists such as Emmie van Biervliet, Duncan McKeller, Serena Thirkell, Alex Wride, Paul Forsey and Louise Chavannes.

Mannequin is the PR partner for Ruskin College. Ruskin's dedicated approach of 'learning to make a difference' sets them apart: they specialise in providing educational opportunities for adults with few or no qualifications, while aiming to change the lives of those who need a second chance in education. Ruskin also welcomes students who not only want to develop themselves but also want to put something back into society. Mannequin has worked on other significant business projects, developing PR strategies where appropriate, and also then implementing them, along with relevant marketing campaigns and community engagement work.

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