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Art is defined as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination.'

Laura (Phoenix) Is an intuitive Oracle card reader and believes that life is about embracing your emotions and the long forgotten feeling self. Which is like your inner child. I believe in authenticity as being the key to a more genuine, empathic, and respectful life. Only through being open, honest, and authentic we can start to really reconnect with ourselves, and what hurts inside. I use a wide range of intuitive skills that can enable a person to see themselves in a better light. Through active listening and insight, I can help a person to see what they might not have seen before. This allows a gentle flow of being in touch with yourself. As the feeling, thinking person you are.

An Oracle card Reading allows you the time to be listened to. They bring about an inner awareness to the issue at hand. Leave feeling that you have purpose and vision in your life, with a way to navigate your situation or difficulty. Each card reading may use intuitive exercise and healing principles to help you along your own path in life. Offering insightful and aha moments. Visionary heart is the unique and wholehearted way of doing the intuitive with Oracle or tarot cards. Where the imperfect is valued and where being different is extraordinary Enjoy a reading that is Inspiring, nourishing, and down to earth. Embrace your vision and dreams. Find purpose and meaning. Get perspective and direction.

You will enter a guided interactive experience that honours you. That gives you on the spot intuitive guidance, alongside your interaction, and feedback. Each reading is filled with wisdom, compassion and deeply nourishes the heart, mind, and soul. Read more about the kinds of readings available by clicking on services below to find the reading that best suits your heart and spirit. Each reading is safe, confidential and eye-opening. Give yourself a gentle space to breathe, and be. Experience a unique and different approach to card readings not based on telling you who you are, but finding that out for yourself. Time to get real. To Reflect, envision, Act & live.