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My practice explores the mysterious, unfathomable and supernatural through multi-artform events and exhibitions of paintings and sculptures. I am particularly interested in the relationships between people, and between people and their environment, and how these are mediated by beliefs and supernatural or spiritual experiences.
My outdoor events are inspired by religious rites from various traditions, and aim to involve the audience as participants as much as possible, drawing them into a liminal space from where they can re-evaluate the Present and re-invent the Future.
In this context I undertake commissions to help design alternative weddings, namings, funerals and other sacred ceremonies.

Much of my work has been in reaction against the mainstream of gallery-based conceptualism, and its emphasis on emptiness, formality and academic rigour. Thus I have worked mainly outside of the traditional gallery setting, producing experimental work in self-organised venues or outdoors, dealing mainly with meaning and the sacred.
My work is usually multi-artform, and often collaborative. From 1990 to 1993 I worked with the Oxford Poets and Writers Co-operative, and then until 1996 with artists’ co-operative Magic Arts. From 1993 my work was partly supported by the world-renowned environmentalist, Miriam Rothschild, until her death in 2005. I am currently working on a number of experimental projects in conjunction with Oxford Improvisers and the Oxford Feral Choir.
My theoretical basis, underpinned by a doctorate in psychology (1989) is a comprehensive synthesis of the anthropologists Victor Turner, Mary Douglas and Catherine Bell, and the psychologists Roberto Assagioli, C G Jung, Fritz Perls and David Marr.

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