Jim Robinson

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Early Sleet and Teasels. Acrylic on canvas 2020
Alarmed Perimeter. Mixed media on paper 2018
Allotment Panorama. Coloured pencil, inks and gouache on paper 2020
Black Sunflowers. Coloured inks and gouache on paper 2020
Early Frost and Teasels. Coloured pencil and inks on paper 2020
Wild Flowers in the Allotments. Mixed media on paper 2020

I am a self taught artist who works from his studio at home. I run watercolour pencil art workshops at South Oxford Community Centre and am a member of Oxford Art Society. I am also a photographer and have been photographer in residence for Cowley Road Carnival, Oxford Festival of the Arts and The Anagama Kiln Project at Wytham Woods.

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