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QuerKus, based on Acorns from "The Seeds of Youths Harvest" series.
QuerKus, based on Acorns from "The Seeds of Youths Harvest" series.
Conkers, from "The Seeds of Youths Harvest" series.

Helen makes one-off sculptural vessels, by working on ideas that originate from studies of seed pods and has previously based her work on a variety of natural forms. Such as the seeds of the Lotus flower, which create classical shapes similar to amphorae and other more native and familiar plants such as Dandelions and Poppies.

Helen uses a variety of making techniques such as coiling, slabs, press moulds, slumping and throwing. She enjoys the challenge of not only combining techniques but also materials together and therefore produces unusual tactile objects.

Helen set up her studio in 1996 at her family home in Buckinghamshire after completing her degree in Three Dimensional Design in Manchester. She also teaches a broad spectrum of students on a part-time basis from sixth formers, adults, the disabled, partially sighted, the deaf & adults with learning disabilities. From secondary to Adult Education, Family Learning through to FE and more recently mental health, whilst exhibiting her work nationally.

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