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Emily Marston Ceramics Blue and White Summit Vase
Emily Marston Ceramics Porcelain Rings
Emily Marston Ceramics Stoneware Vases
Emily Marston Ceramics Porcelain Hoop Earrings
Emily Marston Ceramics Circle Vases

I work in small batches to create sculptural ceramic artworks and porcelain jewellery. Influenced by water, earth and sky, I use the grounding quality of clay to explore ideas of flow, balance and connection to nature.

I love minimalist architectural design, particularly buildings that fully embrace and work with nature in a sustainable way. The shapes of my pots often have a nod to this, with the contrast of clean lines against more organic shapes found in nature.

It's important to me whilst creating new objects to make conscious decisions in every part of my process. Each piece is mindfully made in my garden studio in East Oxford, and fired using 100% renewable energy.

I also offer 1:1 and small group clay workshops, available to book through my website. Please contact me or sign up to my mailing list via my website below to find out about any future workshops.