Daniel Balanescu

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Textile panel
dance with one of my veils
Mixed media on canvas
Fire drawings on subway tickets

I started my art career as a social artist in a post communist country. Human greed, dictatorship and corrupt politicians inspired me just as much as a love story would. Although as an artist I have used different techniques to bring my ideas to life (silkscreen print-serigraph,fibre art design and experiments with fabric, threads, stitch, paint, text, wax and unusual mixed media materials & techniques,canvas, watercolour, collage etc) my favourite technique is „Ronjare” (from French ronger) which allows me to intervene with special substances on the base colour of the material. It is a procedure which cannot be controlled 100% and that is the beauty of it. What I love about textiles is their versatility… .

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mobile : 07424533391