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The best way to view the breadth of work we do is on our website below.
We pride ourselves on our versatility & unique mix of transferrable skills.
Rice Design is dedicated to making a difference for future generations!
Utilising the arts as a vehicle to promote positive change!
I've attached a little more information about our own aims & objectives!

We feel we offer a unique mix of skills to facilitate a diverse range of Innovative Creative Learning Projects.
So that our facilitation works in a pure & engaging way!

We share the same ethics & beliefs in Whole Education & the Importance of the natural World, both as Project Managers , Facilitators & Parents !
Putting power into the hands of young people, through 'Access to the Media' to choose learning experiences that will equip them with skills they will need for the future.
Please view FLOW on our website. This Animation was created by just 5 & 6 year olds at Snitterfield Primary School.
It was shown at the Natural History Museum in March 2010 in celebration of the Global Canvas Schools Award with the David Shepherd Wildlife foundation & also secured a meeting with Lord David Puttnam at the House of Lords last November. He now endorses our work & has since brokered a meeting between us & Jonathan Kestenbaum, the Chief Executive of NESTA.He has since recommended us to become one of their providers.

Education the Environment & sustainability are at the Heart of all we do!

We have strong links in North America, Australia , South East Asia , Africa & Russia.
We aim to spearhead a global project on all continents of the world, that focuses on Biodiversity, Nature & Natural Resources.
On the premise that all children's experiences are not the same & that the Natural Environment within is unique & needs to be preserved & protected

We have recently set up a Social Enterprise ICE Inspiring Creative Enterprise

We aim to bring added value & meet social & educational needs within one of two developments.
Providing an Eco Arts Centre that accesses the rural areas and also provides programmes to Access the Media in a sustainable way.
We see the Bigger Picture!!
People, Place, prosperity & Planet & aim to access rural areas in the West Midlands so that Young people that live in them,
Respond & Respect the Environment!
That well being & Nature need to be integrated, to produce a holistic alternative, that is sustainable & works towards a healthier Happier Planet & future!
Encouraging people to have good lives that don't cost the planet!
Spirit & Strength Always

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