One Million Tiny Plays About Britain

Submitted by Charlotte Westgate on June 4, 2024 - 15:30

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Cornerstone Arts Centre
Saturday, 13 July 2024
Lots of images of different faces in black and white with colour behind them

Cornerstone Theatre Company presents One Million Tiny Plays About Britain.

As ‘Wonder Woman’ ponders her forthcoming nuptials, two mothers remain vigilant in the queue for Santa’s Grotto and a potential employee is reluctant to share her reference. Elsewhere a couple at the fair navigate the ups and downs of dating, in a theatre cloakroom ‘Lloyd Webber’ takes the biscuit and a builder makes a chivalrous gesture with his snickers.

This energetic and imaginative ensemble production takes its audience on a tour of Britain, creating numerous satirical snapshots in front of your eyes.

The actors playfully multi-role characters engaging in an eclectic curation of ‘overheard’ conversations that move us through the sometimes challenging, often relatable and always powerful triumphs, disasters, prejudices and joys of modern life.

Ranging from laugh-out-loud funny to heartbreakingly poignant, these highly entertaining tiny plays live for only a few minutes but will stay with you for a great deal longer.

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