Queer Life Drawing

Submitted by Charlotte Westgate on June 4, 2024 - 15:21

Venue, Timing and Cost

Cornerstone Arts Centre
Thursday, 13 June 2024

Welcome to Queer Life Drawing!

This is a fun, safe, relaxed social space where everyone is welcome!

Whether you’re an experienced artist or just fancy doodling around, this is a great place to make art and meet new people!

Our Queer Life Drawing classes showcase a range of queer models with a broad range of body types. We are here to celebrate the beauty in all bodies!

Poses will range from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. There will be a break part-way through. If you fancy a challenge, there will also be little drawing exercises you can take part in if you wish.

This event is part of Cornerstone Art Centre's Pride celebrations from 13-15 June 2024

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