Visible Mending Workshop

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Venue, Timing and Cost

The Old Fire Station
Saturday, 17 August 2024
10 am - 12pm
Varied Pricing Options, from £1 pay even less to standard £20. Please pay what you can afford.
Sashiko stitch in blue fabric.

Join Rosie Leech for a workshop in the art of visible mending, a beautiful way to bring new life to old clothes and turn a rip or hole into a feature.

In this workshop you will learn boro, a Japanese technique using scraps of cloth sewn together to mend a rip or hole with repeated small stitches.

BYOC (bring your own clothes)

Participants in this workshop will need to bring their own garment/s with holes e.g. a torn shirt, jacket or other cotton garment. Coloured threads and fabric will be provided.


Rosie Leech is a clothes restorer and illustrator living in Oxford. She has been sewing since the age of six and took up darning several years ago. She now darns as a freelancer, using traditional woven darning for holes, Swiss darning for worn areas and boro for cotton clothing. She mostly works with visible repairs, making a feature out of the mends themselves and often creating a whole new pattern in a contrasting wool or thread.

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