The Museum of Marvellous Things

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Venue, Timing and Cost

Pegasus Theatre
Saturday, 20 April 2024
11am and 2pm

Welcome to The Museum of Marvellous Things, where the impossible can happen! 
Discover stars in jars, catch moons like balloons, dance with Doo-Dahs in cages, sing with Noo-Nahs on stages. Because this is a museum like no other – it’s made from the magic of YOUR imagination – and you get to bring it alive. 
With giant puppets, magical effects, interactive storytelling, LIVE original music and a chance to make your own special puppet, this is a fun-filled family show based on the picture book by Kristina Stephenson (creator of Sir Charlie Stinky Socks).  
Meet sensible, serious Norbert Norris and wild, wonderful Tilly T. Pott, as they give you a sneak peek inside their amazing museum and ask YOU to fill it with MAGIC!  
So…come on in, let the MAGIC BEGIN! 

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Box Office: 01865 812150


Children and Families
Young People