Abstract Collaging with Jeremy Morgan

Submitted by OVADA Gallery on March 24, 2023 - 12:44

Venue, Timing and Cost

Sunday, 16 April 2023
£37.50 (Pay Less and Pay More options available)

Slicer-Dicer!: Abstract Collage with Jeremy Morgan

When? Saturday 16th April, 10-1pm with 15 minute tea break

What? Develop your inner abstract voice using the accessible, fun and swift techniques of collage! ‘Slicer-Dicer!’ is a fun and fast-paced workshop which enables participants to enrich their abstract practice through a series of guided exercises. Whether you are new to abstraction or wish to develop or refresh your creative practice in a fun and friendly environment, this workshop is for you!

Beginning with short, warm-up exercises, as the workshop progresses, the group is encouraged to unlock their intuitive response to shape and form to arrive at exciting and unexpected results. The beauty of abstraction is that there is no right or wrong, and indeed no up or down! The beauty of collage is that in the reusing of existing materials it offers an accessible, welcoming approach which all will enjoy, whilst offering a more sustainable way of working. The results of each workshop are briefly reviewed by the group in a friendly, supportive environment, with participants encouraged to consider both formal and emotional qualities. Participants will have picked up techniques and ideas with which to extend and refresh their art practice whilst being exposed to the benefits of collaboration in the creative environment.

Who? All welcome; no experience necessary; age 16+ (under 18s should attend with an adult)

How? Purchase and more info at www.ovada.org.uk/shop

Materials: All materials provided but you are encouraged to bring your own collage materials too – the perfect chance to put those old magazines and used wrapping papers to creative use!

Meet the Facilitator: Jeremy is an Oxford-based abstract painter and graphic designer interested in the interplay between order and collapse and how it acts as a driver for art practice. He’s adopted a modular approach to painting, painting on multiple off-cuts while building a piece, and continually disrupt and re-order the flow of these panels. This forces Jeremy to re-think the composition, in a process he refers to as a “glitching” of his own perceptions. The random sizes of off-cuts creates an exciting tension in his work – creating formal problems to solve whilst offering compositional starting points.

Instagram feed: @jeremy_r_morgan

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