Taller Than The Trees

Submitted by OldFireStation on January 19, 2023 - 14:04

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The Old Fire Station
Sunday, 26 March 2023
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How many native plants and animals can you name in a minute?
Have you remembered to turn your lights off?
Did you walk here?
Would you eat insects?
How much do you need the colour green?
Will you have children of your own?
Whose fault is it?
Who can do anything about it?
Is it too late?

Inhale, touch the bark, watch the clouds scud across the sky, name the tapestry of wildflowers at your feet – a moment with Nature can link us to the voices of the past, create vistas of the future, make us feel whole, better, ‘taller than the trees.’

So, if we are part of it, why are we intent on harming ourselves?

The normally fearless young people of Small but Mighty live in an area facing major environmental changes. Stuck in a frustrating storm of societal expectations, greenwash, evidence of an evolving catastrophe; what can they do but to start asking questions of themselves, their parents, and the community around them?

Here they present a playful and touching account of the conversations they have had, with everyone from beekeepers to housing developers, from scientists to rebels, from pensioners to toddlers that reveal our changing relationship with Nature, and the love and tenderness for the thing that we cannot live without.

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