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New Brewery Arts, Cirencester
Saturday, 28 January 2023 to Saturday, 1 April 2023
09:00-17:00 Mon/Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat. 10:00-17:00 Tuesdays. Closed Sundays
Organic sheep wool yarns in their natural undyed colours. Photo credit: Hatty Frances Bell

Who grew your clothes?

To harness our local resources to produce anything as sophisticated as a garment of clothing involves many processes, and a network of farmers, growers, mills, manufacturers, and designers as well as advocates, activists, and facilitators who are determined to create a new paradigm for fashion.

Fibreshed is a movement. Its goal: the development of systems from ‘soil to soil’; where textiles are grown, processed, designed, sewn, sold, worn, and eventually composted. These ‘regenerative’ processes offer a means of connecting the fashion industry with community, with society and with the environment so that they can all thrive.

This exhibition is an introduction to South West England Fibreshed.

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