Lighting The Way

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Fusion Arts #WindowGalleries, Friars Entry, Oxford
Saturday, 5 November 2022 to Friday, 18 November 2022
Lighting The Way by Julia Mallaby

Lighting The Way is a new exhibition of community made artwork popping-up in the Fusion Arts window galleries along Friars Entry near Gloucester Green. As part of Oxfordshire Great Big Green Week in September, Green Arts Oxfordshire Network collaborated with artist Julia Mallaby to hold creative workshops about the energy crisis. The cyanotype printed banners exhibited were made by Julia and members of the local community at free workshops in Barton and Botley, at Beautiful Barton Bash and St Frideswide's Church Climate Day.

Cyanotype printing is one of the earliest forms of photography, exposing coated paper or fabric to sunlight to create blue negative prints. The banners explore how people feel about the energy crisis, and imagine a future built on renewable energy, like solar, wind and hydropower.

The UK Government is planning to ban solar farms from most of England’s farmland, yet in a recent poll 75% of the public said that they support solar power being installed on farmland. Lighting The Way expresses the public support for a transition away from fossil fuels, celebrating the sustainable energy solutions that we already have.

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