Energy Prices & The Climate Crisis: Making the connections and making an impact

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Fusion Arts #WindowGalleries, Friars Entry, Oxford
Saturday, 5 November 2022 to Friday, 18 November 2022
Oxford Friends of the Earth

An exhibition about saving energy is one of the latest to pop up in Friars Entry near Gloucester Green, where windows have been transformed into galleries by Fusion Arts. Energy Prices & The Climate Crisis: Making the connections and making an impact is an exhibition of 8 posters about the intersection between the energy crisis and the climate crisis. The posters share useful information about what changes the government needs to make, and how to save energy at home.

Created by Oxford Friends of the Earth for Oxfordshire Great Big Green Week, and curated by Green Arts Oxfordshire Network, the pop up is one of a growing number of cultural events and exhibitions addressing the climate crisis. The exhibition calls for the government to lead and fund the transition to clean and cheap energy in the UK. Governments have been accused of falling woefully short of the Paris Climate pledges, as analysis shows that the world is on track for a catastrophic 3C temperature increase if present trends continue. Energy production causes around two thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions, whilst the cost-of-living crisis is driving millions into fuel poverty. Energy Prices & The Climate Crisis explores how cutting our energy use and transitioning can help us to address both crises.

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